Family Travel: Interview Series

This is a fab series on Family Travelers where I interview like-minded families who love to travel with their kids and show them the world. Some believe that travel is an education in itself for their kids. While others give priority to family trips because they think it the best time for them to bond with their spouse and kids. Some are great planners while others figure the itinerary on the go!

While planning my trips, luxury is not on top of my mind, experience is.

These Family Travelers share their favourite travel destinations both in India and overseas, best resources to plan and book their trip, top tips for parents who are traveling with toddlers, how to keep kids engaged during travel, and more! Hope you enjoy reading these blogposts as much as I enjoyed doing the interviews.

Interviews –

‘Nature and the outdoors are truly the best teachers’, believes Dilshad Master.

Messy and fly-by-the-seat-pant-ers: Smriti Lamech talks about her distinct style of family travel.

‘Travel is the best education I can give my children’, says Devika.

Shweta talks about letting go of FOMO as key to Family Travel.

Book tickets & figure itinerary on the go. Tulika Majumdar does exactly that on her family trips!

Who travels to Cuba with their 3-month old baby? The Backpacking Mama does!

Meet Priyanka – the vacation pre-planning ‘ninja’

“Don’t plan holidays revolving around children trying to entertain them”, says Preeti.