Asia is home for me, and yet, there are so many countries left unexplored here with my family.

I have had a lovely family trip to Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam in the recent past. Singapore has been for both leisure and work trips. And the trip to Philippines sans family was for a dive adventure. We have been to Maldives for a luxury vacation.

I would love to explore more of this vibrant continent where culture, people, landscapes, food, history and traffic collide in a unique way. Yes, for some it might be quite a culture shock but some of the best hospitality options exist in Asia to give you a wonderful break. Here are some interesting blogposts from across the Asian continent to help you plan your travel better.

China showcases the gleaming, new, swanky against the traditional, centuries-old heritage.
For some, India will perhaps qualify as an exotic faraway destination, but for me, this is home.
Maldives is a top luxury holiday destination.
With more than 7000 tropicals to choose from, Philippines is a great adventure
Singapore has stepped up its focus on being an attractive tourist destination for couples and families.
So many reasons to visit Sri Lanka!
An immensely popular destination for both leisure trips and corporate getaways. 
The country ticks all the boxes on culture, food, beach, nature.