Book tickets & figure itinerary on the go. Tulika Majumdar does exactly that on her family trips!

In this 3rd interview of the ‘Family Traveler’ series, Tulika introduces us to her family adventures with her husband, Anshuman and 2 kids. Their travel style – follow the wind, or snowstorms, or cherry blossoms, or just the road and you might discover your favorite place on earth!

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3 days in Dubai: Family trip Itinerary to the City of Gold

Cultural immersion, show-stopping landmarks, an evening in the open desert, skiing in the morning, a water-park in the afternoon and the world’s tallest building and a fantastical show to end your evening – where else will you experience so much but in just 3 days in Dubai! This Dubai trip itinerary offers the best of the city for a family trip.