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8 Traveler Types: So what type of a Traveler are you?


A traveler is really not someone who crosses ground so much as someone who is always hungry for the next challenge and adventure.

– Pico Iyer

As 2019 draws closer, we are all looking for inspiration and fresh ideas for travel. But before you set out to a new destination that energizes you, have you looked within to figure what Traveler Type are you?

Are you a cultural buff, an out-and-out foodie and a city slicker?

An Adventure junkie, a beach bum or a mountain person, or more of a wildlife addict?

Perhaps you are an Explorer with a pioneering spirit?

Or a mix of some of these categories which are what most of us are. See these Traveler Types and let me know what describes you best in the comments section. It comes close to a ‘What type of a Travel Person are you’ quiz. There are destination ideas with each Traveler Type to inspire you for further travels.

8 Traveler Types

Adventure Junkie

The thrill of a small plane climbing to 15000 ft and beyond, and you jump out of it. Learning how to ski on a 6-day family tour in Gulmarg. Skiing down a snow slope with pristine mountains around you.

Canyoning with your heart in your mouth. Climbing a vertical rock and testing your physical limits.

Diving in the ocean and getting mesmerized by the colorful corals and marine life around you. Hiking at high altitudes and breathing in the fresh cold air.

No adventure is beyond you. You rather be outdoors with your adrenaline pumping than anywhere else.

On beginners’ slope in Gulmarg, Kashmir

Destination Ideas for the Adventure Junkie –

Argentina, Peru, Chile, Switzerland, Austria, Iceland, Nepal, New Zealand

For diving: the Caribbean, India (Andamans), Egypt, Philippines, Indonesia

Beach Bum

You want to get away from the hum-drum of routine life.

Blue waters, sandy or pebbly beaches, warm weather, and balmy winds beckon you.

Your idea of a good vacation is to enjoy fresh seafood, have a sundowner or a beer at a shack, look at the horizon as the sun goes down. Perhaps try some snorkeling or just go for a spa.

Tangalle, Sri Lanka: Untouched beauty

Destination Ideas for the Beach Bum –

Caribbean, Hawaii, Greek, Turkish and Croatian islands, Seychelles, Zanzibar, Maldives, Mauritius, Sri LankaVietnam, Philippines islands, Thailand, Australia, French Polynesia

City Slicker

The city lights and night buzz attract you.

Taking in the top attractions in a city, going to a swanky restaurant or bar, some shopping and fun is your idea of a good vacation.

You rather have a firm road than the grass under you.

Does any city do glitz and glamour like Dubai?

Destination Ideas for the City Slicker –

New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, Istanbul, Dubai, Mumbai, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong

Cultural Buff

You walk through ancient ruins and feel transported back to a bygone era. You research on heritage sites to visit in an area.

You spend hours looking at paintings, sculptors, artifacts, and ruins in a museum. You do not mind the long queues to see the best works displayed.

Is soaking in the culture and history, getting to know local customs of people of a new region your dream travel?

Rome sure knows how to transport you 2000 years back!

Destination Ideas for the Cultural Buff –

Greece, Turkey, Italy, Egypt, India, China, Japan, Central Asia


Does your mouth water at the thought of trying out a new local cuisine? Do you savor every mouthful – be it from a fine dining restaurant or a street hawker?

Do you look to understand local customs and habits through the food scene in a place?

Do you take out time for taking in a cooking class during your vacation?

Delicious and fresh food at Vis in Croatia

Destination Ideas for the Foodie –

Every country and region has its local or preferred cuisine. Give in your taste buds and explore the food scene bursting across places, be it via food tours or at restaurants or through street food.

On Top of the World

Like the beach bum, you also want to get away from it all. Except that, instead of the ocean, your heart becomes joyous when you view the high slopes of a mighty mountain.

Crisp cold air, pine or fir trees, a toddy to warm your heart and an evening fire to warm your toes. You want to scale heights and be on top of the world!

Salkantay Peak in Peru

Destination Ideas for the Mountain Lover –

Peru, Chile, Colorado (USA), Switzerland, Austria, Italy, North India, Tibet

The Explorer

Your idea of travel is to seek the uncommon, to go to places where a few venture.

You wish to explore the ends of our planet before the crowds descend. You want to stretch your imagination, test your physical and mental limits and truly get away from it all.

Icy Antarctica

Destination Ideas for the Explorer –

Antarctica, Greenland, Siberia, Sahara desert, Congo, Afghanistan

Wildlife Enthusiast

Is there anything more exciting than the growl of a big cat? The sight of the immense herds of wildlife gives you a high! You rather encounter the Big 5 than anything else on your vacation.

Or perhaps the early morning chatter of birds makes your heart sing with joy.

For a wildlife enthusiast, the early morning wake-up calls, the dusty grasslands and sitting patiently under the hot sun are all part of the adventure.

Serengeti in Tanzania is a premium wildlife destination.

Destination Ideas for the Wildlife Enthusiast –

Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Botswana, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia

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So what Traveler Type are you?

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