Family Travel: Destination Ideas

I must confess that ‘Family Friendly Holidays’ is probably the brainchild of some marketing person! You could possibly travel with your family anywhere in the world – barring the frozen poles or humid rainforests – and find interesting things to do. That said, there are some locations where facilities, attractions and things to do as a family are more appealing.


Europe would be my favourite for family travel. An array of stay options, varied public & private transport options, fantastic public facilities, so much to do for the entire family. Here are 2 blogposts for destinations ideas both for winter travel and in the summers. You will definitely find a destination to plan your next family trip!

Europe Winter Destinations: Magical fairylands, City breaks, winter sun spots and more

Best Family Holidays in Europe for a spring/summer break


Asia is not high for many when it comes to family travel. Hope this blogpost sparks some thoughts to the contrary. There are holiday destinations in Asia for family that are a good mix of culture, relaxation and introduction to new experiences.

Family-friendly holiday destinations in Asia