‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’: Beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka

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There are several UNESCO heritage sites and Buddhist monuments to explore in Sri Lanka.

This compact island nation lies in the Indian Ocean, south of India. For a small country, Sri Lanka offers a very diverse set of experiences. And the places to visit and things to see in Sri Lanka are surprisingly varied, from national parks to beaches to cultural sites and more.

So what are the beautiful places in Sri Lanka? The country boasts of a wide array of wildlife. Some fine sandy beaches are to be found here – the quiet ones near sleepy towns as well as the more lively ones besides large resorts with all facilities. From the coastal areas, it is not too far to experience misty mountains and lush tea plantations. As for the culturally inclined travelers, there are several UNESCO heritage sites and Buddhist monuments to explore. There are some charming colonial towns where wandering around will suit most tastes. Let me give you 5 reasons to visit, and show you the top places to visit in Sri Lanka.

Things to see in Sri Lanka: Immerse yourself in the Cultural Triangle

Sri Lanka has more than 3000 years of continuous history. The Sinhalese came to this island in 6th century BC, and Buddhism was introduced in 3rd century BC.

There are several sites to visit in the central plains, this area is popularly referred to as Cultural Triangle. You can do a day trip to the ancient ruined city of Anuradhapura – Sri Lanka’s longest-serving capital and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.

Another highlight is the extensive and well-preserved remains at Polonnaruwa; the island’s second capital after Anuradhapura. Dambulla – famous for its 5 cave temples that house fine murals and Buddhist statues – is amongst Sri Lanka’s attractions as well.

Things to see in sri lanka, beautiful places in sri lanka, beautiful places to visit in sri lanka, places to visit in sri lanka
Climb 600 steps to see 2 lion’s paws, hewn from the rock at Sigiriya.

A popular attraction in the Cultural Triangle is the rock citadel of Sigiriya. This was the shortest-lived of all Sri Lanka’s medieval capitals. But its dramatic setting – the citadel sits atop a massive rock and towers 200m above the surrounding countryside – makes it a must-visit attraction. Finally, there is Kandy, a famous pilgrimage site for Buddhists, with beautifully carved houses, palaces, and temple preserved for nearly 500 years.

Things to see in Sri Lanka: Go on a wildlife safari. There is also plenty in the ocean.

Despite its small size, Sri Lanka is part of the top 5 biodiversity hotspots in the world. The Sri Lankan elephant, sloth bear, leopard, sambar and wild buffalo are amongst the large mammals to be of interest to a wildlife enthusiast. The country’s national parks are definitely one of the most beautiful places to visit and enjoy wildlife.

The ocean around the island is home to the blue whale, sperm whale and dolphin. The country also has more than 400 species of birds.

Things to see in sri lanka, beautiful places in sri lanka, beautiful places to visit in sri lanka, places to visit in sri lanka
Sri Lanka has several national parks to see the wild elephants in their natural habitat.
Things to see in sri lanka, beautiful places in sri lanka, beautiful places to visit in sri lanka, places to visit in sri lanka
Yala National Park has a large variety of birds, besides the elusive leopard and sloth bear.

Make sure you go on a wildfire safari to one (or more) of the country’s 22 national parks. Some of the most touristed parks are Yala, Uda Walawe, Bundala, Minneriya, and Kaudulla. Yala is the place to head for leopards (though sightings are rare of these elusive creatures), crocodiles, sloth bears and a wide variety of birds.

For wild elephants, take your pick from Minneriya, Kaudulla or Uda Walawe. Horton Plains, a popular national park is a plateau surrounded by some of the highest peaks in Sri Lanka. Whale watching trips start from Mirissa, on the south-west coast of the country.

Things to see in Sri Lanka: Find a perfect beach stay

Imagine this: a quiet town where life goes on slowly, lying on a sandy beach with a book, dipping your toes in the ocean, having a sundowner mesmerized as the sky lights up with hues of red, yellow, purple and orange, making a sand castle with your child.

Or, imagine surfing or going whale watching, coming back to a cold beer at a shack with music and laid-back vibes, having fresh seafood, and enjoying the day slip by.

Things to see in sri lanka, beautiful places in sri lanka, beautiful places to visit in sri lanka, places to visit in sri lanka
Tangalle has many such idyllic spots.

With nearly 1600 m of coastline, you have plenty of options to choose from. There is Bentota with a wide collection of luxury beachside hotels. If you are headed to the east side of the country, check out Arugam Bay with its fine sand, surf, and laid-back atmosphere or visit Trincomalee for secluded beaches and other attractions. South of Galle lies Unawatuna and Mirissa, both with fine beaches. Mirissa is also the base for whale watching tours. There are kite surfing and dolphin watching to be found at Kilpatiya. If you are looking for a vacation on unspoiled beaches and are not on a budget, Tangalle doesn’t disappoint.

Things to see in Sri Lanka: Lose yourself to the charms of misty rolling hills and tea plantations

The central highlands, filled with stirring mountains and lush green tea gardens, definitely make for a beautiful visit in Sri Lanka.

Drive through Nuwara Eliya to see vistas of rolling green landscapes shimmering in the sunlight, mingling with clouds and mist. Nuwara Eliya also referred to as Sri Lanka’s ‘Little England’ makes a good base to explore the spectacular countryside and the tea plantations. Or if you are not on a budget, experience a stay at a tea estate itself.

Another appealing destination in the hill country is Ella – an English village lookalike – surrounded by green hills and tea plantations.

Things to see in sri lanka, beautiful places in sri lanka, beautiful places to visit in sri lanka, places to visit in sri lanka
Spend a day or two amidst lush tea hills.

Then there is Adam’s Peak – this soaring summit is one of Sri Lanka’s most striking natural landmarks, sort of a miniature Matterhorn where the ascent is traditionally made at night. It is also an essential Buddhist place of worship and has been an object of pilgrimage for over a thousand years.

Things to see in Sri Lanka: Wander around colonial towns

Culture. Wildlife. Tea estates. Beaches. These are some of Sri Lanka’s best places to visit! Finally, there is Dutch colonial architecture amongst Sri Lanka attractions.

Galle, the country’s perfectly preserved colonial town, is a must on Sri Lanka’s ‘places to visit’ list. Ambling around the car-free streets of Galle – a Unesco World Heritage Site founded by Portuguese colonists in the 16th century – is like doing time travel. You come upon Dutch-period villas and buildings with original red-tiled roofs.

Visit the ramparts of the Galle Fort in the evening before sunset. Locals and travelers gather there to have a chat, drink a beer and watch the sunset over the Indian ocean.

Then there is Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital where all international travelers begin their journey. it has become a worthy destination in its own right and makes an excellent start or finish to your Sri Lankan adventures. There is Fort with its colonial architecture, Pettah with its crowded markets and the spiffy Galle road. See places to visit in Colombo in one day.

General information

When to go: It is a tropical country, and the best time to visit is from November to March. There are 2 rainy seasons to bear in mind: North-East monsoon (October to January) that affects the east coast and South-West monsoon (May to July) which mainly affects the west & south coast of Sri Lanka.

There is a great network of hotels, to suit all budgets, and appeal from backpackers to elite travelers and everyone in between. The train network is extensive only in the west and south part of the country. The road network is not bad, and it is still not-too-expensive to hire a car with a driver, if you fancy a comfortable road trip to visit beautiful places in Sri Lanka. Most importantly, Sri Lankans are a kind and welcoming lot. And before you go, do check out this collection of books set in Sri Lanka to inspire you!

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For a small country, Sri Lanka offers a very diverse set of experiences. Visit this compact beautiful country for varied wildlife, fine sandy beaches, lush tea plantations, Buddhist monuments and colonial towns. #srilanka #thingstoseeinsrilanka #placestovisitinsrilanka

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  1. Cricket lovers would find many stadiums around, too. Also, I saw a series on hotels on Netflix…Gale has a historical one next to its prominent beach (can’t remember the name of either).

    Sri Lanka is a famous tourist destination these days. Another reason to visit is that Indian rupee can get you a lot there.

    1. All true Alok. Indian travelers really get value for their money in SL. Colombo is easily reached by main cities in India. Not sure about the stadium in Galle, but I saw people playing cricket on a couple of grounds while driving through Colombo.

  2. Our world is such a colorful place, with amazing places on every corner. The Indian ocean is not in my history basket yet, but I’m looking forward…

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    1. Wendy, I didn’t venture to the east side at all. In my travels to SL, I stuck to the south, west and central parts of the country. Overall, fresh seafood is available all over the country esp on the coastal areas. There are couple of beaches on the south-west as well known for surfing, but Arugam Bay is supposedly the gold standard. It is a long way to travel from Hawaii though!

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